Shortlinks Guide

Solve shortlinks and earn Bits for every shortlink passed. Each shortlink reset after 24 hours since your last visit, if you complete a shortlink now, you’ll be able to solve the same shortlink again after 24 hours.
Warning: Shortlinks often cointaint many popups, adult ads content and fake buttons.

My favorite: I choose Brave browser for visiting shortlinks to earn bitcoin easily! It has a built-in ad blocker (Blocked many ads from shortlinks sites)!

Download and Install Brave Browser (I sure you like it!)
More Info: Brave Browser Review

Complete shortlinks to earn bitcoin now!

  1. fill captcha
  2. click on right button

Video Guide: Complete shortlinks on desktop!

I use Brave browser for visiting shortlinks, it has a built-in ad blocker! (Blocked many ads from shortlinks sites)

Video Guide: Complete shortlinks on smart phone! shortlink


  • Some sites ask for click on ads – you dont need clicking on ads in shorteners.
  • Often right button is on end of page, sites often contain fake buttons.
  • If you cant solve any shortlink, skip them and try another one, dont waste your time!

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