FaucetPay: Best Bitcoin Faucet List! (Daily Update)

You need: Register FaucetPay Microwallet and link your wallet address to receive your payments!


Faucet: 5 sat every 2 min (Get up to 500 sat everyday)!
PTC Ads, Shortlinks from 12 sat!
Doing offers to earn BTC!
Min Withdrwal: 500 sat (instant payment)


Faucet from 2-5 sat every 5 Minutes!
Shortlinks from 10 sat, PTC ads 11 satoshi for 20 sec Paid Click!
Daily earning: 200-300 sat!
Withdrawal: 300 sat to FaucetPay!


Faucet Options: Claim 5 sat every min, 10 sat – 10 min, 15 sat – 20 min!
Doing shortlinks to earn bitcoin, up to 20 sat every shortlink!
Min Withdrawal: 500 Coins!


Faucet: 4 sat every 2min (Earn up to 320 sat everyday)!
PTC ads, shortlinks from 10 sat!
Doing offers to earn BTC!
Min Withdrwal: No min (instant payment)

Instant Payment:

NameShortlinkAvg Reward (Sat)TimeHealthVerified
ClaimfreebtcYes20-770 MinGoodClaim
BBitcoinFaucetsNo7-205 MinGoodClaim
BBitcoinFaucetsYes105 MinGoodClaim
BBitcoinFaucetsYes301440 MinGoodClaim
CarisolusiNo5-102 MinGoodClaim
LbtceNo8-102 MinGoodClaim
NamaidaniNo7-1710 MinGoodClaim
BigBtcNo5 (Min: 200 sat)5 MinGoodClaim
SoftairbayNo55 MinGoodClaim
CashnNo75 MinErrorClaim
DigitalGainNo5-1005 MinGoodClaim
SufianfaucetNo41 MinGoodClaim
FautsyNo5-65 MinGoodClaim
ClaimBitsNo5-66 MinGoodClaim
StarBitsNo66 MinGoodClaim
i-bitsNo57 MinGoodClaim
GoBitsNo57 MinGoodClaim
EfaucetNo41 MinGoodClaim
RandomitNo3-101 MinGoodClaim
GGfaucetNo6-123 MinGoodClaim
CoinBidNo75 MinGoodClaim
ArFaucetNo5-1005 MinGoodClaim
Faucet.claimsNo1-71 MinGoodClaim
StarzfacetsNo33 MinGoodClaim
LuckyhashNo33 MinGoodClaim
LuckydiceNo33 MinGoodClaim
IronFaucetNo45 MinGoodClaim
XFaucetNo3-65 MinGoodClaim
CoinmgNo25 MinGoodClaim
KonstanNo65 MinGoodClaim
BagiNo410 MinGoodClaim
KeranNo410 MinGoodClaim
OneBitcoNo5-145 MinGoodClaim
Faucet.hbeNo5-1015 MinGoodClaim
1xBitcoinsNo5-610 MinGoodClaim
AztecafaucetNo5-2060 MinGoodClaim
InstantlybtcYes6-5010 MinGoodClaim
FreebitsYes75 MinGoodClaim
CryptotinkerYes101 MinGoodClaim
BitsFreeYes15-204 MinGoodClaim
CryptoMagYes13-205 MinGoodClaim
FaucetWinYes4-215 MinGoodClaim
MaroclickYes13-21180 MinGoodClaim

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